Credit facts and Questions


CREDIT REPAIR COMPANY Is this legal? YES .. We are 100% legal! We are completely Registered and Bonded and conduct business in an ethical and moral fashion. Being consumer advocates, this organization was started to help people like you. We have been in business since 2000 and pride ourselves on having zero complaints and zero lawsuits. Do you need a copy of my credit report? NO .. Unlike our competitors, we do all the work for you. We only work with original reports because they are the most accurate. They also have hidden codes in those reports that we need in order to expedite the process. Therefore, in order to provide you with the highest level of service, we do all the work. This seems too good to be true, how do you do it? Our first step is to audit the credit bureaus and your creditors using The Fair Credit Reporting Act and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We also use Strict Verification By-Laws where we manually Hand Write most of the letters to the credit bureaus and creditors. Additionally, it is required that some of the letters be Typed. More importantly, many of those letters must be sent to addresses that are not even published. Then we utilize Unpublished Guidelines, Regulations and our Expertise and Insider Know How that no other law firm or credit repair company has access to. Will anything go back on my credit report after you remove it? I’ve heard that some credit repair companies get things off and a few months later the items can re-appear. NO .. The methods that we use are different from 98% of our competitors. The majority of credit repair companies and law firms only send out dispute letters which is something that you, the consumer, can do for free. The problem with dispute letters is they seldom have any effect and if they get lucky and get something removed, 9 times out of 10 it will show back up on your credit report within 30 to 60 days. That’s why we use our proprietary methods so that our program results in permanent removal. How long does this process take? It is against Federal Regulations to guarantee the time it will take to repair your credit. However, it’s also against the law to not state an “average” time that it will take. Our “Average” time frame to completely clean all 3 credit reports is 6 to 9 months. Some files take longer and some are done very quickly. We have a number of files each month that are completed within 30-45 days, but those results are not typical. How much will my credit scores go up? Here again, it is against Federal Regulations to promise or guarantee any specific increase in your credit score, so we are very careful on answering this question. However, even though we do not and cannot promise a specific credit score increase, we do have files everyday that show increases anywhere from 50 points all the way to 300 points and higher. All positive and “Good Standing” items will remain on your credit file, while negative and derogatory items will be removed. What are some advantages of having good credit? Listed are just a few advantages of having good credit. This entire country is going to nothing but credit. What does this mean to you? Very soon, in order to get anything you are going to need good credit. It has gotten so serious at this point that people are actually losing jobs they have had for 20 years, just because their credit is bad. If you work for the government you must maintain a good credit rating or you will be fired. In a recent survey it was said that “consumers with a bad credit score vs. consumers with a good credit score will end up paying over $12,000.00 more per year in interest” Loans and Credit: Probably the biggest advantage that comes from having a good credit score is being able to get approved for credit and/or loans and get lower interest rates and lower payments. Also, sometimes those loans and credit can help you consolidate your debt and give you the chance to break the “bad cycle” and get ahead. Having good credit can also help you get a job, buy a car, buy a house or rent an apartment. Less Documentation and Less Hassle: Another big advantage to having a good credit score is you are more likely to qualify for a loan where you don’t have to document your income and assets as much. These loans are known as “no doc” or “low doc” loans. The Ability to Shop Around: With a good credit score, you have more freedom to shop around for loans and for lenders. You can shop around for more types of loans since you qualify for more. You don’t have to take the first one you find. It’s better to shop around for the loan that best suits your financial goals and your individual situation.