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You can Find Contract for deed homes in Minnesota 100s of condo-town homes-hobby farms

  • Are you seeking to buy a home with owner financing? Bad credit-short term job history-Relocating-Cant get a loan or mortgage with a lender in Minnesota.

We can help you can find 100s of different homes for sale on our sites. You may browse MN land contracts-Mn owner financing-MN rent to own-Mn lease to own,

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Virtually every type of home- hobby farm-acres-farm. Below are links to homes by what ever county you are seeking also MN contract for deed information. We are Minnesota’s largest selection of Contract for deed homes in MN. We can get you a home and close as quickly as 7-10 days if the home is vacent. We want to make sure the property has NO LIENS-Assessments-anything that may effect the title to home home.

If you have 10% down of the sale price of the home you are seeking we can help you find a house-condo-town homes-MN lake homes-cabin-Waterfron property-New construction-mn cd homes on virtually

Contract for deed homes Scott County

Once the title work is done we will set up a closing day and time. We draft the purchase agreement-The terms of the MN contract for deed and the title company or a law office will draft the contract for deed from our paper work. Buyer or seller may use a law office if they wish to go over the contract.

Contract for deed homes in Wright county

MN contract for deed financing is the best way to buy a home with out using a bank. Usually is a qucik closing less paper work. We recomend getting a home inspection and using a Realtor-Broker who works with contract for deed homes in Minnesota or Wisconsin which ever state you live in. Very important to use a contract for deed broker who knows contracts.

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MN owner financing can be tricky so use people who are knowledgable with the process.. We work with Mn owner financed homes on a daily basis if you have questions email us or view our web sites for the lattest contract for deed listings and information free.


We update our sites all the time with new Owner financed properties in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Also we list homes MN rent to own.


Hennepin county is the largest area for properties and population.

PLymouth-Champlain-Brooklyn Park-Brooklyn Center-New Hope-Lake Minnetonka-Orno-Eden Prairie-Edina-Bloomington and much more cities.


A contract for deed must be recorded in Minnesota buy law so make sure it is done. Have a well or septic inspected if it has one. You may even want to buy a home warranty when buying or selling a home with contract for deed terms in Minnesota.


Good luck with what ever route you take in buying a home in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin We want everyone who wants to own a home be able to buy a house of their choice.


Dont let bad credit or what ever past history you have stop you from owning a home.


Saint paul is part of Ramsey County and the twin cities metro area. Find properties with cd terms thru out the Metro area and suburbs also for sale by owners.

Browse homes by MN counties.


There are homes below in Eastern Minnesota-Western MInnesota-Central Minnesota-Northern Minnesota-Southern Minnesota-Twin cities metro areas and suburbs. We have access to more homes you see on our sites if you dont see what you are looking for ask us we have people telling us about Mn owner financed homes all the time. Some may or may not be listed in the MLS some are for sale by owners in MN and WI. Some realtors discuss the sale of thier propertie with us with contract for deed terms in MN-WI but dont list them this way.

  • Contract for deed information-Buying or selling a home with owner financing
  • Owner financing is an exchange in which the financing for a real estate purchase is provided by the seller of the property. Owner financing has been a more common arrangement when it comes to the selling of real estate. Being the mortgage market has been restricted banks have tighted thier financing standards and owner financing is more widely used.             The seller and buyer both reap benefits through owner financing. The seller will be in a better position to sell real estate faster by opening up more potential home buyers who cannot access traditional financing. The buyer is able to purchase real estate that otherwise might be out of reach due to an inability to obtain traditional financing from a mortgage lender.
  • Benefits
  • How does owner financing work? Contract for deeds are similar to other real estate purchase lending arrangement. The owner of the property selling the real estate,stands in the position of a bank,loan provider or other institutional home mortgage lender. The home buyer makes monthly payments towards the purchase of the real estate to the seller, payments that include principal and interest some times taxes and insurnace are included in the monthly cd payment. The seller maintains a mortgage lien on the real estate.
  • CONTRACT FOR DEED HOME IN STILLWATER-WOODBURY-WHITE BEAR LAKE-COTTAGE GROVE-FOREST LAKE – Washington county MN Real Estate. land contract farms-lake homes-cabins-house-town homes-river front condo’s.
  • Credit usually isn’t a issue.Alot of clients are self employed-had a bankrupcy-foreclosure or short sale on their credit. Short sales and foreclosures are common now, where they once were very unusual in the marketplace.”Owner will carry note” has become another phrase you might see on real estate ad listings. It’s basically seller financing, and can refer to lease/rent-to-own agreements-land contracts and contracts for deed. Seller financing is often for a temporary period of three to five years, after which the buyer obtains traditional financing to conclude the transaction and obtain the title to the property.
  • The purchaser has the option to refinance the property with out a pre payment penalty anytime prior to the end of the contract. The buyer may also sell the property sometimes in the contract the seller will let the buyer resell the real estate on a land contract or let the new buyer take over payments. The other option is just pay the home off in cash or once in a while the buyer makes larger payments monthly so when the balloon comes due the buyer wont owe much money and can pay of the contract.
  • What ever reason you have for not getting a loan with a bank or mortgage company we can help.
  • Good credit or bad credit doesn’t matter we will find you a home contract for deed if you have money to put down.
  • Contract for deed homes in Burnsville-lakeville-Eagan-Apple valley-Mendota Heights
  • Dakota county in southern Mn Real Estate.
  • We offer owner financed housing. We have information on Buying and selling process for MN-WI owner financing real estate. This website is all owner financed properties in Minnesota And Western Wisconsin. You may search owner finance deals 24 hours a day 7 days a week at no cost to you. Using our owner financing property search buttons. We have them in specfic catagories to make it easier for you to search all Minnesota & Wisconsin homes contract for deed- Rent to own- Carry Back mortgages.
  • Users are able to locate the best owner finance opportunities that are available in Minnesota & Wisconsin. We also provide free information on advantages of owner financing- Seller financing-contract for deed housing-vs Rent to own. On our site, Consumers are able to search all counties in Minnesota-Western Wisconsin. MN owner financed homes are the best way to purchase a home with out using a bank-We go into details how seller financing works and the advantages to sellers for offering owner financing-contract for deed-Rent to own-Land contracts.
  • MN CONTRACT FOR DEED HOMES FOR SALE-LAKE PROPERTIES-CONDO-TOWN HOMES-SINGLE FAMILY REAL ESTATE-MN HOUSE CONTRACT FOR DEED-HOMES LOCATED IN SAINT PAUL MN CONTRACT FOR DEED-MINNEAPOLIS HOMES FOR SALE CD-HOUSING-CD TERMS-REAL ESTATE-WE WORK WITH CONTRACTS ON A EVERY DAY SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING A HOME WITH OUT A BANK JUST CLICK ON ANY OF THE OWNER FINANCING LINKS AND YOU WILL FIND CONTRACT FOR DEED LISTINGS IN MINNESOTA AND WISCONSIN. MN homes for sale contract for deed in all counties in Mn. MN owner financed homes by county.Why would a seller want to finance a home for me?With a mortgage company they want you to have good credit of 12 months-tax returns-scores of 640 plus-lots of documents with a owner who is offering contract for deed terms they may ask for proof you can make the payment-A copy of your credit report but credit usually doesnt matter.
  • Whatever the motivation, a seller who is offering to carry the loan for a buyer they could not qualify for through a lending company or bank-credit union-mortgage institution.
  •  Some Sellers just need to be out of thier monthly mortgage payments. Not every buyer can qualify for a loan in today’s Real Estate market, and many Owners are willing to take on a riskier buyers than a bank would.
  • A home-financing technique in which Home buyer gets financing from the Seller instead of bank or lending institution. Sometimes done when a buyer cannot qualify for a bank loan Also called “seller financing or “purchase-money mortgage”land contracts”contract for deed”
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