How do I buy a contract for deed home? Should I rent to own or buy



Here are the counties we serve in Minnesota.

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Credit usually isn’t a issue. Good credit or bad credit or had a short sale-bankrupcy-foreclosure doesn’t matter

We will find you a home contract for deed if you have 10% to put down of the sale price of the property you are seeking. Sometimes sellers may want more but we find out ahead of time for you.
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If you cant get a mortgage the traditional way this is the way to go if you want to own your own house.

Owning a home gives you price renting is just that paying some elses mortgage off for them.

Why would you want to do this. I understand if you dont have a lot of money to put down they maybe that is your only solution but if you do have money to put down you want to own a home.

RENT TO OWN- Minnesota- Western Wisconsin

Rent to own is basically renting a property for a specific period of time and you may purchase the home for a specific price with in a period of time

usually 1-2 years Benefits -If you like a property and only want to put a little bit of money down or you have a financial situation where you are only

able to put a little bit of money down say 1st and last months rent then this is the way to go.

(Drawbacks to Rent to own)

  1. You don’t own the house so the landlord may not let you paint or remodel.
    2. You don’t get to write of the interest on your taxes.
    3. The seller may sell to home to some one else.
    4. Most of the time you don’t get credit for your payments. Applying principal is a base-by-base basis.

Seller financing and Owner financed properties

Most call seller financing contract for deed some call it a land contract they are both the same thing.

Benefits of buying a property on a contract for deed or land contract is-

Buyers get to write off the interest on your taxes.

  1. You own the home so if you would like to paint or do some additional changes you may do so with in the price that is reflected in the contract.
  2. You qualify for the 1st time homebuyers tax credit or other tax credits if so contract for deed is a great way to go.
  3. Owner ship in a home.
  4. No rental problems with pets.
  5. Some banks like that you can show you have been making payments on time for a few years.
  6. You don’t have to have A credit to buy a home.
  7. Down payment usually IS NOT MORE THAN 20% rule of thumb is around 10% down. Some times more and some times less depending on

each seller’s situation.

  1. You wont have to pay for mortgage insurance for not putting a lot of money down.
  2. Interest rates are usually not a lot higher than market rate.
  3. Terms of the contract are usually for a term of 3-5 years.
  4. has 100s of owner financed properties available

all areas in Mn or WI.

  1. You deal directly with the owner of the property instead of a large lender or bank.
  2. Less paper work to qualify for a contract for deed.
  3. Quick closings can usually close with in 2 weeks or less if home is vacant and buyers and sellers agree to do so.

(Draw backs for buying a property on a contract for deed)

  1. Owners usually want close to 10% down on homes-condos-waterfront properties-cabins-twin homes-town homes-lake homes-land-farms-

lake view-river view-lake front-river front-Duplexes-investment properties-commercial buildings-In all areas northern Minnesota and -southern -western

-Eastern parts- All of the twin cities and suburbs.


  1. Rates are a little higher than banks or lenders.


  1. Smaller selection of properties to choose from.
  2. Shorter time to redeem on a contract if you fail to make payments.
  3. Once in a while a bank or lender may offer owner financing but you have to qualify.
  4. 6. Little inventory on bank owned or foreclosed properties-short sale homes.

If you have any more questions on owner financing or contract for deed homes.

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You will find homes thru our the twin cities metro areas and suburbs even the rural areas you will find farms-acreage-lake properties-hobby farms.

Dont let banks get you down we can help you own a home today. Can close as quick as 7-10 days if the home is vacent other wise around 30-60 days is average market time for closings for cd homes.




If agents cant find a contract for deed property for you would you want them writing your contract????

You will find over 300 land contract for deed houses on any given day

on the sites above.

Cons to Renting


While there are many advantages to renting a home-apartment, there are also some downfalls. With an apartment, you don’t have the privacy that you do with a single-family home. It’s easy to hear noises from apartments-duplexes beside you, upstairs, or downstairs.

You generally have a limited number of parking spaces.

You won’t get your own yard.

Apartments typically charge non-refundable pet deposits and there is less room for larger animals to exercise outdoors cant leave your pet out side on a leash or a fenced because you usually dont get a fence yard.

A rented house it’s possible to practice your Music instrument or have louder parties whereas if you do these things in an apartment, your neighbors will complain about the noise.