Where is the best place to find contract for deed properties?

If you have had a hard time finding a home due to a lender turning you down or bad credit-Self employed-Bankruptcy or any other reason you are in luck. boardwalkpremierrealty.com Is known for helping customers who are in credit challenging situation.

Home buyers can search their site daily for homes or they they really want to be aggressive every 15 minutes their web site updates from North Star MLS matrix. We recommend contacting boardwalkpremierrealty.com/contract-for-deed-services/ so you can get all the cd listings emailed to you daily or as fast as the new listings come available. It’s a hot market you want someone who is going to aggressively search properties for you and get you into those properties fast.

Boardwalk Premier Realty is a full service real estate Company who can help you sell your property fast. Virtually all types of housing it can be lake properties-investments-town house-condo’s. If you are relocating from another state they can get you situated with a mortgage company-title company-home inspector-moving company and more.

Boardwalk Premier realty works with relocations companies to help take the stress out of the move for you.

Call Boardwalk Premier realty for all your real estate needs.

You won’t be disappointed .


Below you can search the entire counties to find homes for sale. Let us know if you dont see what you are looking for we have more contract for deed properties for sale. We also work with investors who will purchase any home for sale and sell it back but there is a 10% charge for this type of financing.

Where can I get money for a down Payment to purchase a home?

  1. Have a family member gift you money
  2. Retirement account Roth IRA -example
  3. Savings
  4. FHA has first time home buyers programs. Take some classes and get up to $17,000 free money down on your home. You must live in the house for 5 years for this program.
  5. Carry back mortgages
  6. Rent To Own
  7. Owner financing
  8. Contract for deed
  9. Va no money down mortgages for our veterans.